Friday, January 25, 2013

Relationships and How God Works Through Them

This blog is about how I met my ex-boyfriend and how we split up. I hope you will join me as I recount remembering my firsthand experience with him.

Should we date? Hmmm.
Okay, let me start off by saying that God didn’t pick him out he picked me. He thought I was cute and funny and that was it. Pretty stupid when you expect the boy to like you a little then a lot, but he only likes you 20%. And why?

Birthday wishes for boyfriend
Let’s just say I honored him by giving him a birthday card for his 20th birthday.  But there’s more.

Let the nightmare begin
Anyway, we started dating and when we did, we started calling each other. We tried his cell, but that didn’t work so we switched to his home phone. 

 When we began talking, eventually, he got me interested in talking about marriage and what he calls “the inappropriate thing” including tying me to my marriage bed (with him) and taking off my undergarments. I was upset when I heard this mainly because it sounded like a threat. I went to school one day feeling this way, aka, pissed off and hurt!

A friend of mine who I texted about this told me that I should break up with him because it appeared to her that he was tempting me sexually. I declined and continued to go with the flow and sure enough I landed in a poop hole a month later. Let’s discuss that and then we will continue on my journey with my Holy Marriage with the Lamb, my Husband.

The break-up and how it tore me to pieces
On January 5, 2013, I was pacing around my home when I decided to call my mom to tell her what was going on. I told her everything and we investigated what would happen if I didn’t break-up with him. Sure enough it came to the conclusion that I should and there should be no excuses whatsoever.

I was crying. I was miserable. No other girl or young woman even if they were going through the same experience could possibly understand how I felt.

I hung up with my mom obviously because I knew or at least I thought it would be the end of the world for me. What I didn’t know was that God had his Son in mind for me (the perfect bride) from the beginning. All I had to do was surrender completely to him and let him mend this open/broken and wounded heart.

I called my boyfriend and told him everything. Unfortunately he was extremely rude about it so I made it quick and hung up.

Let the Healing begin
There’s an awesome song out there called “Worn” by one of my favorite bands. The song is about how when life gives you it’s worst, you’re supposed to cry out to God even though your prayers are wearing thin and you’re worn. I love that song because it deeply speaks to me and tells me that God can and will mend my broken/torn heart and put the puzzle pieces back in place.

Anyway, I decided to post on Facebook about the incident and got a lot of responses. One of which I won’t say because it’s confidential. What I’m saying is that a lot of friends gave their best love, prayers and care to me. I felt a little better afterwards but soon started looking towards a friend of mine who I knew from high school.

What was my part and why didn’t I turn to Christ?
I soon figured out that I wasn’t getting anywhere regarding searching for the love of my life/husband of my dreams. I contacted my friend from high school and we started talking. He posted on my wall that he wants to be there for me and I deeply appreciated that. He’s a good friend and I like him a lot.

But as soon as I fell asleep one night, God told me that He was more then enough and that only He could fully satisfy that deep longing for a love that not even my friend could fill.

When I was at a young age, I came forward and accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. Now that I’m saved I call it a Holy marriage because He is my Bridegroom King and I am forever His Bride. I’m the happiest girl a Bridegroom King could ever want. I live for his sake only and there’s no Man that could EVER take his place in my heart because I am sealed with his fiery seal of perfect Love.

I don’t have to look to another man to satisfy the deep longing because Jesus fully satisfies that.  Perfect love casts out ALL fear. Satan: you can’t get me because when you fell from Heaven, you lost EVERYTHING you had planned.

Closure for Salvation
If you ladies and gentlemen are like me and you’re looking to satisfy an empty soul but don’t intimately know Jesus Christ, I am inviting you to come as you are. His Word says he satisfies the hungry/starving soul and clothes them in righteousness just the way he made them.

If that’s you, I want to invite you to pray a prayer with me so you too can experience His perfect Love, which will cast out ALL your fears. I’m deadly serious that He loves you so much that he died for you on a brutal cross (bleeding with love) just for his favorite future Bride: you!

Would you pray with me?
Dear Jesus,
I acknowledge that I am a sinner and am not perfect as I think I am. I know you came to earth to die for my sins so I accept your precious gift of forgiveness. I also ask that you forgive me and wash me cleaner than snow so I can come into Salvation with you so that when I pass, I go to Heaven to rule and reign with you forever as your Bride. I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart fully that you are my eternal Bridegroom King. Thank you sweet Jesus for your gift of salvation and that I am now yours forevermore. In your Name I pray. Amen.

If you prayed that prayer and you have fully been cleansed by His Blood, I want to invite you to find or get involved in a local church. Tell them that you heard about Jesus and have accepted him as Lord and Savior and you want to take the next steps to walk with Him in intimacy (not inappropriately but in harmony) forever.

Well, I sure hope you have enjoyed this blog. Come back soon and there will be more food on the Holy table for everyone. Tootles!

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