Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Life Completed for Jesus

This was my final project for a class I was taking. Hope you enjoy!
              Tatiana was born and raised in Northern California and moved to Monterey at age 20. She was known for her generosity and sweet and friendly spirit. Tatiana married at age 30 and had two children. She leaves behind her husband, Christian, of 64 years, her two kids James, 53, Kayla, 52, and her four grandchildren.
            Tatiana was a very generous and sweet spirited person. She enjoyed helping others and donating her time to charity and Christian organizations. When not donating her time and money, she could be found helping children learn to read and write. Tatiana would make cards for friends and family who were sick and in need and go visit them.
            Tatiana graduated from Monterey Peninsula College in June 2015 and majored in writing as a career. During her career as a writer, she wrote many books and articles on ministry and religion. She had several bestsellers and many of her novels were on the top of the chart. One of her novels was about ministry, which helped young men and women find hope. In her spare time, she loved to read books and write in her journal.
When she was 65, she retired and moved to Puerto Rico with her husband. She remained there for the remainder of her life. When not doing any of the things mentioned above, she could be found praying or spending time with her husband and grandchildren.
Tatiana lived her  life completely for Jesus Christ everyday. She will be known and cherished for her hospitality and comfort to others and will be dearly missed.

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