Monday, June 3, 2013

Passing English 322

Today, was a grand day for me. Why? 
I passed my English 322 fundamentals of reading course. Here are a few basic things I picked up from the semester: 
Highlighting and annotating while reading text and material
Reading paraphrasing in incomplete sentences
Paraphrasing for say a term paper in complete sentences 
Finding topics for paragraphs
Phrasing the topic "this paragraph is about a thing or things."
Paraphrasing the main idea "the author is trying to tell me that "?"
Finding the topic sentence which should be closest to what I wrote for the main idea
What "?"'s does the topic sentence bring up? The answers are major supporting details. 
What points support these details? These are the minor supporting details. 
What sentences are left over from the paragraph? These are the concluding or introductory sentences.
Sound familiar? I know you know this. 

Main point: I walked out today from that class with a 3.7 "B"! 
Celebrate? Cool! 
Thanks for reading.

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